blessing yakubu

○branding ○website creation

Blessing Yakubu (unfortunately not a cool name coincidence, we are in fact just sisters) is a course owner and Instagram beauty influencer, amassing over 35k followers. Her website has gone through countless changes as it acted as more of a trial and error space for me during my early days of web design, more than it did an actual website to showcase her work. Since successfully launching her course Insta Influencer and expanding to other areas of social media, Blessing began to feel it was necessary for her to actually start using her website for its intended purpose. With that in mind I scrapped all the faulty animations and overstreched images to create something a little more meaningful.

















































I opted for a trendy, dark website featuring pops of colour and bold fonts for effect. We had a couple revisions but in the end she was content with the final result.

"Exactly what I wanted in a website and more. Shockingly affordable for the quality you get to be honest! If you need a website Vanessa's the one to call."

– Blessing Yakubu