Domain Renewal Subscription

What & Why?

A domain renewal extends your ownership of your domain name by another year. When you register a domain (for example, the registration typically only lasts 1 year. This means that you have to renew the domain on a yearly basis if you want to remain the owner of that domain.

Letting your domain name expire will mean that you can no longer use your domain with your website and email services – essentially, your website won’t work!

You also run the risk of your website becoming available for others to purchase, so you can lose out on your domain name entirely – making all the work you’ve done with it pointless.

Cost – £30 Annually

This fee is not optional. At the beginning of the project, the client will sign up for the PayPal subscription using a link provided by Vanessa Yakubu and the annual billing will begin immediately. This fee is applicable to all clients, including those working with Vanessa Yakubu through the government scheme. Vanessa will immediately be notified once you have signed up for the mandatory subscription. 

If you have any queries or concerns do not hesitate to email