Karen Drennan MCEWAN

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Karen Drennan-McEwan is a Psychotherapist and Author implementing a tried and tested mind/body approach for chronic pain and illness, which is the result of 12 years training and experience and 8 years research. Her approach works in support of conventional medical treatment as well as complementary therapies, specialist dietary advice and alternative healthcare systems such as acupuncture. We started the Mailchimp project with the aim of promoting her eBook and growing her email subscription list, and managed to do just that.

































Karen’s design brief was vague, allowing me full creative freedom with the layout and design of the landing page. Wanting to keep her branding consistent throughout all areas of her business, I opted for a green, nature themed design that is often associated with calmness and good health. Using the picture of her and her pet at the top of the page softened the page, making it appear less corporate and accessible for all types of ordinary people. Karen was happy with the final result and has recieved many book downloads since the launch.

"I was looking to increase my visibility online but I was having real problems particularly with the technical side and with an automated system called Mailchimp so I was really stuck. I had conversations with several people but I had a particularly good conversation with Vanessa and she then sent through a full analysis of my online presence. I was so impressed that I accepted her findings and asked her to organise for me a full opt-in service for my own video online. She designed me beautiful headers and a full automation and all in my corporate colours. The results I’ve seen have already been impressive with people telling me that its brilliant and excellent and just so useful. I highly recommend working with Vanessa."

– Karen Drennan-McEwan