MAUreen babirye

○website setup ○web design ○logo design

Maureen is the founder of a non-profit organisation thats main aim is to motivate young people to excel in the future. From a young age, her own daughters have become exceptionally well rounded and Maureen strives to help other parents teach their kids to do the same. She has achieved this by hosting talk show events, fun outings and a community forum for children of all ages. Maureen wanted a website that encouraged likeminded parents to get in touch and take the next step in helping their children succeed. She also wanted the website to act as a community forum where members could come together and share their achievements, thoughts and lockdown stories.

















After doing several design revisions we both agreed on a pastel themed design that promoted racial and age inclusivity. Using a combination of licensed stock photos and Maureens own images help us create this effect. I later went on to design a logo for her organisation that she intends on using for clothing merchandise in the near future

"So so so happy with the website. It's helped me reach a lot more young people than before. It does such a good job of demonstrating what my organisation is all about. Incredible."

– Maureen Babirye