Sylvia Milton Msc

○branding ○website redesign ○logo design ○content managing

Sylvia Milton is an experienced Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist. She established her Practice in 1988 and has worked with top professional consultants at the Sex and Relationship Clinic at Guy’s Hospital for some 17 years. She was also LBC’s on-air counsellor for eight years, presented her own nightly phone- in, and has appeared on many other radio and TV programmes, both as Guest and regular Presenter.Sylvia’s initial brief was pretty simple – a cool toned, inviting website that also did a good job of increasing her visibilaty and showcasing her past work.

































We met in person and via Zoom on several occasions to make sure we were both clear on what we wanted the final design to look like. After multiple revisions we settled on a predominantly blue, modern theme. To begin with we only signed a web design contract, but Sylvia was so happy with what was produced she decided to make the website theme her branding throughout all areas of her online presence. She also got in touch for me to redo her logo and manage her blogging content for her.

"Vanessa is absolutely incredible, completely stunning. I've had two other people in the past who've done websites for me who were older, more 'professional' web designers and their designs were rubbish. Vanessa is incredibly patient too, I've been a bit of a pain in the backside getting information over to her but she's been so kind and tolerant throughout which matters a lot. Every time I refer somebody to my website I just feel so proud."

– Sylvia Milton Msc